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Scientists unearth ancient 'eco-home'

By Emily Beament

Archaeologists have uncovered a Stone Age "eco-home" which provides evidence of the earliest settlement discovered around Stonehenge.

But experts fear the highly significant find - and much as yet undiscovered archaeology - could be lost or damaged if the Government presses ahead with its plans to build a tunnel to remove the A303 road from the World Heritage Site landscape.

The discovery has revealed a Mesolithic home, dating from between 4336BC to 4246BC, formed from the giant base of a large fallen tree used to make the wall of the house, with roofing likely to have been made from animal skins.

Evidence has also been found of Auroch teeth, huge creatures even larger than bulls, at the site at Blick Mead, which is close to a spring and around a mile from the later, Neolithic, monument at Stonehenge.

David Jacques, archaeology project director at the University of Buckingham, said: "This is a key site for where Britain began."

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