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Scotland's new drink-drive limit 'will save lives'

By Staff Reporter

A stricter drink-drive limit in Scotland will save lives and reduce accidents, ministers said as the new law came into force.

The limit is now 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, down from 80mg. The limit in Northern Ireland is also set to fall from 80mg to 50mg some time in 2015.

Five people were arrested across Scotland between the new law coming into force at one minute past midnight and 9am yesterday.

Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said the move would help save lives and reduce accidents.

Drivers in England have been warned they could legally get behind the wheel after having a drink, but find they are over the limit if they travel north into Scotland.

Mr Matheson said: "The principal purpose behind this change is to make the roads in Scotland safer. One in 10 of all the fatalities that occur on our roads each year are associated with someone who is over the drink-drive limit."

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