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Scots gonna be more confident doing CPR, thanks to Proclaimers tune and TV star

An advert with Carol Smillie performing CPR to the tune of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) has helped make people more confident carrying out the technique.

A campaign featuring TV presenter Carol Smillie performing CPR to the tune of a famous Proclaimers hit has helped Scots become more confident in carrying out the procedure.

The Scottish Government said more than half of viewers said it had increased their confidence, while 56% said it improved their knowledge of how and when to do CPR.

And almost all (96%) of those who watched the online film – which is set to the tune of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – said they would now rather attempt CPR than doing nothing.

The Scottish Ambulance Service is called out to deal with about 3,500 cases of cardiac arrest each year, with only about one in 12 people surviving.

But the prompt administration of CPR can more than double the chances of this.

Public Health Minister Joe Fitzpatrick said: “This film set out to increase awareness of CPR and it’s great to see that more than half of those who watched it felt more confident giving CPR, with a significant number saying it helped them better understand when and how to do CPR.

“I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t watched it yet to do so – it’s a few minutes and the skills you’ll learn could save a life one day.”


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