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Scottish farmer's anger after calf saved from choking on Northern Ireland balloon

The balloon floated from Belfast to Scotland. (Stock image)
The balloon floated from Belfast to Scotland. (Stock image)

A Scottish farmer has vented his anger after a calf nearly choked to death on a balloon that travelled from Northern Ireland.

Robert Fleming had to pull the 5ft birthday balloon from the throat of one of his herd in Scotland on Tuesday.

He later noticed there was a message on silver decoration indicating it had floated all the way from Belfast, reports the Mail Online.

The note invited whoever found the balloon to let the sender, Nathan Smith, know via Twitter.

Instead, Mr Fleming, from the village of Glenluce, took to Twitter to warn of the potentially deadly consequences.

"You might think it's harmless fun but I've just had to pull a 5ft birthday balloon out of the mouth of a choking calf," he wrote.

"The message written on the balloon ended "whoever gets this, share on social media". #NathanSmithFromBelfast."

Concerned followers were later reassured the calf was okay.

"She is a picture of health. By luck I was in the right place at the right time to insure her safety. I just felt I need to highlight the risks," Mr Fleming said.

"The issue with these innocent stray balloons is the fact they can occasionally land in with innocent curious animals.

"Much like a toddler a cow uses it's mouth to explore objects. Sometimes the consequences can be fatal. Even so called 'bio-degradable' can kill animals."

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