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Scottish Greens gather for conference in Greenock

Key party figures will deliver speeches, while members will discuss issues from Brexit to climate change and fox hunting.

The Scottish Greens will host their spring conference in Greenock on Saturday.

The one-day event at the Beacon Arts Centre is expected to be attended by 150 party members.

Delegates will hear from co-conveners Patrick Harvie and Maggie Chapman as well as MSP Ross Greer.

The leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland, Steven Agnew MLA, and Green MEP for London Jean Lambert will also speak at the event.

There are no debates or votes on policy motions at the conference which instead involves discussions and workshops on issues such as housing, gender equality, farming, fox hunting, Brexit, climate change and local tax reform.

Scottish Green Party co-convener Maggie Chapman

In her address, Ms Chapman is expected to tell supporters: “We gather at a time when things seems more unstable and unpredictable than they’ve been for a while.

“Throughout history, change has often seemed impossible. But once it comes, it seems like change was always inevitable.

“We need people who are committed to making the change we need to see in the world. We are the people leading the change.”

She will add: “The world we are working towards is one of equality, social justice and non-violence; it is a world where radical participatory democracy is how we make decisions; and it is one where the rape and exploitation of our environment, and the destruction of our climate, is not a function of the economy.

“On climate change and the environment, we’ve been right on this issue from long before anyone else cared.

“Most recently we led the opposition to fracking, building a social movement with and as ordinary people in communities, with and as grassroots organisers.

“These social movements are working against the old institutions. Greens have always been the radical voices. We still have so much more to do. We will continue to lead the change.”

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