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Scottish pro-Union vote lead hits record low

By Mark McLaughlin

The No campaign's lead has reached a record low among people certain to vote in the Scottish independence referendum, a new poll suggests.

Support for Yes has risen to a high of 38% among 733 people who will vote on September 18 and No has held steady at 46%, the same position it held as far back as November in a previous TNS poll.

Those who say they do not know how they will vote has reached a record low of 16%.

Support for No among all 1,003 people polled, including those who may not vote, took a big swing upwards in July, suggesting Better Together has work to do to get its supporters to the polls and extend its lead among those certain to vote.

The survey was largely conducted during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, with some interviewing taking place after the August 5 televised debate between First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together leader Alistair Darling.

The latest poll suggests that these and other recent events have had little effect on voting intentions among the 71% of all adults who say they are certain to vote in the referendum, TNS said.

The latest poll shows that even after months of debate and discussion and with only weeks to go until the vote, neither campaign has succeeded in giving a clear picture of what will happen after September 18.

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