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Search for missing Thames swimmer

Police have resumed the search for a swimmer who went missing after trying to cross the River Thames.

The man disappeared below the surface of the river in Kingston, south-west London, at around 5.30pm on Thursday, according to onlookers.

He is believed to be about 21, and was thought to be intoxicated and unclothed when he went into the river, the Coastguard said.

A man from a passing boat got into the water to try to find the swimmer but without success.

Two lifeboats were launched and the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service were also involved in the search.

London Fire Brigade despatched its fireboat Fireflash and other vehicles to look for the man.

Matt Leat, London Coastguard Operator, said: "Swimming across the River Thames can be extremely hazardous. It is a very busy waterway and has a strong tidal flow. The water temperature is about 10C (50F), and the effects of cold water immersion can soon take effect."

A police spokesman added: "Police were called at approximately 17.35 hours on Thursday, April 28 following reports of a man in the river close to Kingston Bridge. Officers attended.

"At the current time the man remains missing."


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