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Sex slump for recession-hit men

The recession is diminishing the contents of British men's trousers in more ways than one, a sex survey suggests.

The poll makes grim reading for macho males worried about work with news that women are as demanding as ever and do not care at all about how stressed their men are.

The Erotic Review quizzed more than 500 people and discovered men were dreaming of taking on less problematic partners.

Kate Copstick, owner of The Erotic Review and author of Sex In The Recession, said relationships are suffering across the country.

"Self esteem is vital for a man to be on top form," she said.

"We are seeing a real epidemic of anxiety related issues which will be causing many a bedroom bust up. Women appear to be less than understanding - and refuse to lower their maintenance levels both financially and sexually. They don't find 'losers' attractive."

Single respondents said they were going out less in the current climate and were more likely to look for a partner at work or on the internet.

Answers to the questions showed some startling differences between the sexes.

On a scale of one to five with one the most attractive, no men thought they were hot stuff. But 8% of women thought they were in the most attractive category.

Despite men usually being depicted as the less romantic sex, they were much kinder about their partners than women. While 45% of men described their current partners as being in the most attractive category only 15% of the fairer sex said the same about their man.


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