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Sex traffickers subjected victim to black magic death ritual

By Emily Pennink

Members of an international sex trafficking gang which smuggled a young Nigerian woman to Britain under the threat of a "juju" black magic curse were jailed in England yesterday.

Olusoji Oluwafemi (45), Johnson Olayinka (45) and Florence Obadiaru (48) were found guilty of trafficking the woman to the UK for sexual exploitation and arranging for her transfer to Italy where she was to work as a prostitute.

Oluwafemi and Olayinka were also found guilty of conspiring to possess false identification documents following a trial at the Old Bailey.

The court heard that in September 2011 the victim, then 23, who came from a small village in Nigeria, was smuggled to Heathrow on a false passport.

The vulnerable victim had been promised that she could go to the UK and study to be a nurse and made arrangements with her mother's consent.

But before she left Nigeria, she was raped and subjected to a "juju" death ritual forcing her to agree to pay £40,000 for the organisation of the trip, unaware of what that amounted to in her currency, the court heard.

On her arrival to London, she found there was no schooling or jobs waiting, and weeks later she was forced to board a Milan-bound flight, destined to work as a prostitute in Italy.

Oluwafemi, who was in charge of the UK side of the operation, was handed six years and six months in jail. Olayinka was sentenced to four years and six months for his involvement, and care worker Obadiaru, who put up the victim in her London flat under lock and key, was jailed for two years in consideration for her severely autistic teenage son.

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