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Shafilea murder: Police bugged parents' house

Police investigating the murder of Shafilea Ahmed were so convinced that her parents had killed the teenager they "bugged" the family home to listen in on their conversations.

The covert listening device was placed in the family home in November 2003 - three months before Shafilea's body was discovered - and a series of recordings were made.

The key feature about the recordings was that Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed appeared to know that they might be under surveillance and feared their phones had been tapped.

Nevertheless, the couple had a series of conversations which were caught on tape in which they talked about how they could get away with murder and how best to use the media to their advantage.

There was very little talk about their "beloved Shafilea" and the police were referred to by Mr Ahmed as "sister f******".

In one conversation they talked with a third man referred to as Tariq, about "forgetting dishonour" and using the press to save themselves, not by finding Shafilea, but by pinning the blame "on some other sister f***** so they go and look for them".

Farzana then spoke about wishing she had kept the SIM card from Shafilea's phone because it had the numbers of "lots of boys" on it.

At one point Iftikhar talks about the legal system in the UK and how it works on proof.

He is heard saying: "Without any proof, even if you sister f****** kill 40 people, until it is found, they can't do anything to you."

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