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Single mother, 58, defends IVF move

A 58-year-old single mother has defended her decision to have IVF treatment which led to her giving birth to twins.

Carole Hobson, from Kent, had Matthew and Freida by emergency Caesarean on Christmas Eve - making her one of the oldest mothers of twins in the country.

The twins, who each weighed 3lb 3oz at birth, were born nine weeks prematurely at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham.

Ms Hobson told ITV's Daybreak programme on Tuesday that the babies were conceived after she travelled to India for a fifth course of IVF treatment.

She said the egg was supplied by an Indian woman and the sperm by a man from Scandinavia.

Describing her attempts to become pregnant, she said: "Something kept me going, somehow I knew it was possible. I finally made the journey to Mumbai, India, and it worked for the fifth attempt."

Describing the reaction of her family and friends to having IVF treatment at her age, the former barrister said: "When I made my first attempt, they were all delighted and thrilled for me and terribly disappointed when it didn't work. When I reached the decision to make my fifth attempt, I didn't tell anyone."

When asked if it was appropriate to have children at her age, she responded: "Lots of people do do that. I was looking at adoption when I found out it was medically possible to carry my own child and there was no issue about age with the adoption route.

"And some people, in circumstances they do not choose, look after children at a similar age as myself - as long as they are looked after, that's the main thing."

When asked how things were going with the two children, she said: "It's fine, actually, it's surprisingly fine."


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