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Sister weeps at 'witch' death trial

A young woman has broken down in court as she recalled events which led to her teenage brother being tortured to death for being a "witch".

Kelly Bamu, 21, wept as she came face-to-face with her sister Magalie and her partner Eric Bikubi, both 28, who are accused of killing Kristy, 15.

He was found drowned in a bath at the couple's flat in Forest Gate, east London, on Christmas Day, 2010, after being tortured when he was accused of witchcraft by Magalie and Bikubi, the court heard.

The couple deny murder and assaulting Kelly and a younger sister, who were also accused of influencing another child of the family with witchcraft.

The prosecution says Kristy and his two brothers and two sisters were beaten and terrorised for four days.

The Old Bailey was told Kristy was tortured with "an armoury of weapons" and had 101 injuries before being placed in the bath of water where he "begged to die".

Kelly, the first witness in the trial, said she and her brothers and sister had come to London from their home near Paris to spend Christmas with Magalie. There had been a "nice atmosphere" for the first few days until she heard a commotion in the kitchen where the couple were with her brothers.

She sobbed: "I didn't see anything but I heard some noise - it was from morning to night time. There was a noise like there were plates falling." She said through an interpreter the noises went on and off but she never discovered what they were.

Asked what had caused the incident, she said Magalie told her: "The reason was Kristy had wet his pants. He tried to hide his pants in the kitchen and that is what triggered everything."

She looked over at her sister in the dock and added: "All over a pair of pants."


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