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Six officers hurt at street party

Six police officers have been injured after a scuffle broke out at a party in Bristol celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Police were called to Chelsea Road in the Easton area of the city during the early hours of Tuesday, where 200 people had gathered.

One officer remains in hospital and one person was arrested for violent disorder.

Chief Inspector Mark Jackson, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: "We were called to Chelsea Road, Easton at around 12.30am today. Around 200 people had gathered to have a street party and refused police requests to peacefully disperse.

"Bottles and cans were thrown at officers, six of whom suffered injuries. One remains in hospital. A police vehicle was damaged and one person was arrested for violent disorder. Some small bin fires were also started and the fire service also attended."

Details of the event were posted on the Bristol Indymedia website, which lists "10 reasons to hate Thatcher", including her anti-trade union policies, employment policies, politics of individualism and approach to the Falklands.

Other parties were held across the UK to "celebrate" the death of the former prime minister, including Glasgow and Brixton in London.

A crowd of 300 people assembled in Glasgow's George Square, where in 1989 protests at the introduction of the infamous poll tax took place.

Some wore party hats and launched streamers into the air, while a bottle of champagne was opened with a toast to the demise of Baroness Thatcher.

In Brixton - the scene of fierce riots in 1981 - around 150 people gathered. During the "party", a green smoke bomb was held in the air by one member of the crowd and a firework was set off but the event was peaceful and no arrests were made, according to police.


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