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Slimming mums 'spark daughter diet'

Most teenage girls worry about their weight and are twice as likely to go on a diet if their mothers regularly try to slim down, a new poll suggests.

While 93% of girls are concerned about their size, more than half (58%) say their families comment on what they eat, according to the survey by Sugar magazine.

A total of 15% of respondents admitted they regularly diet but for those whose mothers regularly change their eating habits the figure rises to 30%.

Meanwhile, a quarter of the teenage girls claimed they had a friend with an eating disorder, the poll showed.

Annabel Brog, editor of Sugar, said: "This survey shows that 93% of teenage girls worry about their weight.

"All mums want the best for our daughters, but we live in a world preoccupied with body size, and inevitably daughters are picking up on, and assimilating, anxieties their mums have about their own bodies."


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