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Smiley police 'have lot to answer'

The family of reggae star Smiley Culture has demanded that police reveal details of his "bizarre" death during a raid.

The singer, whose real name was David Emmanuel, died of a single stab wound through the heart after four Metropolitan Police officers executed a search warrant at his Surrey home early on Tuesday morning.

His relatives were told he stabbed himself while making a cup of tea despite officers still being in his home. But they said the explanation of his death was "bizarre" and are demanding a public inquiry into how he died.

Smiley Culture, 48, found fame and appeared on Top of the Pops with a string of 1980s' hits including Cockney Translation and Police Officer.

His nephew, Merlin Emmanuel, told a press conference: "We haven't had a clear, coherent, official explanation as to what happened to Smiley.

"The police have a lot to answer to. Until our questions, queries and suspicions have been fully and competently answered to dispel any notion of foul play, we will not rest. The truth must be known. Justice must be served."

Police watchdog the IPCC has launched an investigation into the death.

IPCC commissioner Mike Franklin said: "I send my condolences to Mr Emmanuel's family and friends. I understand their concerns and am under no illusion about the seriousness of this case, its impact on them and the wider community.

"I want to reassure people that we will thoroughly scrutinise this incident and will update all those involved as we progress.

"I will also make the findings of our investigation public at the earliest opportunity. Until then, I would ask that speculation is avoided."


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