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Smith tells of Doctor Loo moment

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith has revealed he was once approached by a fan while he was having a wee.

The star - who will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi series tomorrow in a special edition of the show - said he was often spotted at inopportune moments.

Smith told BBC Breakfast that he was asked to chat on the phone while standing at a urinal, but managed to finish what he was doing.

The 31-year-old - who debuted as the Doctor four years ago - said that since cropping his once floppy locks for a role, he has been recognised less frequently.

He told Breakfast: "I was caught actually going to the toilet once, for a wee, and someone had his wife on the phone they were like can you speak to my wife.

"I was literally having a wee. and I was like aahhh, just give me a moment."

Smith went on: "A ctually since I've had my haircut, I'm rehearsing a play at the moment and I went for lunch - it was a couple of days ago - and this guy was like 'you know what, you really look like that Matt guy who plays Doctor Who - has anyone ever told you that?'

"I was like 'yeah, yeah, actually they have'."


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