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Snowmen and sledges in evidence as Britain faces cold snap

The UK was given a wintry tint today after snow and frost settled across much of the country.

Snowy weather overnight ensured a 100-mile corridor of the British landscape had a fresh white backdrop on Sunday. Images from around the country showed snowmen being built and sledges being manned as people made the most of the winter weekend.

Snowflakes continued to fall in several parts of the country, including in Bingley, Yorkshire and areas of the East Midlands.

During the course of the day, much of the snow cleared across southern England, while some of the south-west was expected to reach double-digit temperatures.

But in eastern and northern areas of the UK, it struggled to get above freezing - with Fylingdales, Yorkshire, peaking at 0.1C.

Despite the snowfall subsiding, forecasters warned that freezing conditions could make roads treacherous in some northern parts of the UK.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for ice in north-west and north-east England, Yorkshire and large sections of southern Scotland.

It also issued snow warnings for the Strathclyde and the central, Tayside and Fife area of Scotland.

In England, there is a small chance of snowfall over Lincolnshire and Humberside, a spokesman added.

The corridor of snow swept down from Scotland on Saturday night, through the Pennines and Cumbria, the Midlands and across the capital and West Sussex.

The most snow seen in the south was 2cm in High Wycombe, while on higher ground near the Pennines as much as 15cm of snow fell.

Dry weather and clear skies is expected to allow the freezing temperatures to endure in many parts of the UK on Sunday night.

Rain and sleet in the west of the UK will mean the biting cold is unlikely to spread to that area of the country, forecasters added.


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