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SNP denied emergency debate over DUP's deal

By Richard Wheeler

John Bercow yesterday rejected an SNP request for an emergency debate on the Government's £1bn deal with the DUP.

The Commons Speaker said he had listened carefully to representations from MP Pete Wishart, but was not persuaded the matter should be discussed under the emergency debate procedure.

Mr Wishart, making his application for the debate, said: "The central part of this deal involved a funding arrangement that would see Northern Ireland benefit from over £1bn of extra investment while the other nations of the United Kingdom would secure next to nothing.

"The full details of this deal must be fully debated and all the issues properly scrutinised as quickly as possible, certainly ahead of Thursday's votes on the humble address."

The first test of the DUP-Tory arrangement will occur this week with votes on the Queen's Speech, which outlines the Government's legislative programme for the next two years.

Nottingham Labour MP Alex Norris drew cheers from the Opposition benches as he took a swipe at Theresa May's deal with the DUP.

Mr Norris raised the issue of zero-hours contracts, stating: "Given the ease with which just yesterday a billion pounds was found to protect only one job in Westminster, could the minister please say what actions this Government is taking to encourage business to offer genuine financial and personal security to the nearly one million workers on zero-hours contracts?"

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