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Son criticised over care decision

A man who arranged for his sick elderly mother to be taken to Saudi Arabia in spite of a declaration that she should stay in a care home in England has been condemned by a judge.

Mr Justice Hayden said he had declared that the 76-year-old woman should live in a care home following a hearing in the Court of Protection, where issues involving sick and vulnerable people are handled, in London.

He had concluded that such a move was in the woman's best interests after medics and social workers said she was suffering from malnutrition and self-neglect - and had mental health problems.

But the judge was told that six weeks later she had left the home and been taken to Saudi Arabia.

He heard that the woman, who came from Saudi Arabia but had lived in London, had been taken from the home by a grandson.

And the judge said it was clear that the grandson was acting on the instructions of his father - the pensioner's son.

Mr Justice Hayden said the man had acted "cynically contrary" to his mother's best interests and the move had been "entirely inimical" to her welfare.

He said the pensioner would have been confused and probably frightened.

The judge has made his criticisms in a written ruling following another Court of Protection hearing.

He concluded that the man was not in contempt of court because legally it was not possible to defy a Court of Protection declaration.

But Mr Justice Hayden said the man should foot all legal bills run up in the Court of Protection litigation - and should not be allowed to have control of his mother's finances.

He did not identify anyone involved.


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