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Space is great, but I miss Earth, says Major Tim Peake

By John von Radowitz

Living in space is "out of this world", according to Tim Peake - but the British astronaut still misses the green, green grass of home.

Speaking in his first live TV interview from the International Space Station, Major Peake spoke of his sense of wonder every time he gazes out from the space station's observation dome.

He was answering a question from Niamh, aged seven, and Matthew, aged nine, who asked him to reveal his most "out of this world" moment since blasting into space last December.

Major Peake replied: "You know, the whole experience has been out of this world, from the moment I first saw planet Earth through my Soyuz window just after we'd been inserted into orbit.

"I have to say every time I go to the cupola and look out - that's the most out of this world moment. It's always different, whether it's a moon setting or a sunrise - the magnificent views."

He confessed to feeling Earth-sick and yearning for the sights and sensations of nature. Asked if there was anything he missed, he said: "It is the fresh air, of course, and being out of doors, but it's also the colour green ... we don't have the colour green on the space station."

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