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Speed cameras 'could go back on'

A county forced to switch off fixed speed cameras due to Government cutbacks is close to turning them back on again, it has been revealed.

Faced with a reduced central Government grant for road safety, Oxfordshire County Council withdrew its funding for the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership.

This led to the cameras being switched off in Oxfordshire on August 1.

But the council and Thames Valley Police said they were close to agreeing a new arrangement that will see the cameras back on.

The Thames Valley Partnership said that its monitoring of camera sites after the August 1 switch-off had revealed a sharp rise in drivers exceeding speed limits.

Partnership spokesman Dan Campsall said: "Safety cameras are a proven tool for reducing death and injury and there is clear evidence that switching them off has increased risk.

"We would be pleased to see the cameras reinstated in Oxfordshire. They are a valuable safety measure for the residents and all who use the roads."

Thames Valley Police said: "Speed continues to be one of the main risk factors on the roads, and the safety cameras form an important part of tackling driver behaviour."

The Oxfordshire camera news came as details emerged of a "super" speed camera which can detect not only speeds but check whether drivers are wearing seatbelts or engaged in tailgating.

The Daily Mail said the new system, known as Asset - Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport - was undergoing testing in Finland and was expected to be deployed across Europe from 2013.


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