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Stabbed teen thanks 'best surgeon'

A 17-year-old British holidaymaker who was stabbed 19 times and left for dead has thanked "the best surgeon in Turkey" for saving his life.

Dwayne Ward, from Middlesbrough, remembered kissing a local girl in a bar five times - once for every shot he drank - before he was set about by locals in the resort of Marmaris.

Two men have been arrested following the attack 10 days ago in which he suffered a punctured lung, a pierced heart and a serious slash to the neck.

The teenager, who was on a family holiday, was stripped and robbed in the late-night attack. He underwent life-saving treatment but has recovered quickly enough to be released from hospital, and is now looking forward to coming home.

Speaking to ITV's Daybreak, he said: "I am feeling much better than last week. I was just lying in bed - now I am up, standing, I can walk and do whatever I want."

At first he did not realise how badly injured he was, adding: "I started to understand I was very lucky to be alive. I am very happy I got the best surgeon in Turkey to do it for me."

His mother Doris told Daybreak: "I cannot believe how quickly he is healing."

Asked what he recalled of the attack, Dwayne said he had been kissing a girl while drinking.

"She was giving me a shot for every kiss and I remember having five kisses off her - there must have been five shots," he said. "Some of them (in the bar) were not happy with that. The last thing I remember is getting hit on the back of the head and I just blacked out for the rest of the night."

His mother thought she had lost her son, she said. "It was a mum's worst nightmare," she said. "I was walking around like a zombie for two days. I couldn't take it in, I thought it was happening to someone else."


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