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Stars back hunger protest rally

Bill Gates and Danny Boyle are set to address a protest rally demanding the G8 act on world hunger as David Cameron hosts a Nutrition Summit in London.

The demonstration, hosted by lobby group Enough Food For Everyone If, is expected to attract thousands to Hyde Park to mark 10 days until the Prime Minister takes charge of the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland.

The campaign said there were three key summits, including Saturday's, leading up to the meeting which could tackle the causes of hunger. It pledged to involve the public in a "visual petition" of 250,000 spinning flowers, featuring two million petals to represent the two million children who die because of malnutrition each year.

Alongside the headline speakers, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, actor David Harewood and singer Myleene Klass are also expected to appear. Recorded messages from David Beckham and Eddie Izzard will be broadcast to the crowd.

Sally Copley, Enough Food for Everyone IF spokesperson, said: "The UK public is demanding change because they know it's high time we address both the causes and the consequences of the hunger crisis. It's the silent scandal of our generation and we plan to make enough noise about hunger so that world leaders have to sit up and take action.

"The Hunger Summit and the G8 summit following it must take ambitious action to end hunger. That means clamping down on tax dodging in poor countries, tackling malnutrition, and cracking down on land grabs. We can eradicate hunger, but it needs real political leadership to do so. We're demanding action, not words and a lot is riding on what can be delivered in the next 10 days."

Mr Boyle, the artistic director of the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, added: "Last year at the Olympics we showed what made Britain great. Now tens of thousands of people across the UK are harnessing that spirit, energy and passion in the fight against hunger. And it's a fight we have to win. It's staggering that 1 in 8 people around the world go to bed hungry.

"We need to change that - and show again how we can do something amazing when we all come together... We can be the generation to end global hunger."

Mr Cameron's Nutrition for Growth summit, which is being co-hosted with Brazil, is due to discuss hunger and look at ways to "end the cycle" by bringing together business leaders, scientists, government and civil society.

The issue is due to be the subject of a major push by Britain at the G8 summit in Lough Erne on June 17 and 18.


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