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Stewart 'has lost count of lovers'

Veteran rocker Rod Stewart has slept with so many women he admits he has lost count - but he insists he is not "a guy for one night stands".

The former Faces frontman said the break-up of his marriage to Rachel Hunter left him heartbroken, though he added that his new wife Penny Lancaster is the love of his life.

Asked by Piers Morgan if he could remember every women he slept with, he said: "No, no, and I'm not proud of that either."

During the interview, for Saturday's episode of ITV1's Piers Morgan's Life Stories, Stewart said: "I was never a guy for one night stands, I enjoyed the courtship and a little bit of romance and the chase, I enjoyed the chase."

The singer paid tribute to Lancaster, describing her as "just fabulous looking and brilliant", and said he reacted with disbelief when he was told he had thyroid cancer.

He said: "I thought, 'Not me? I'm fit, I play football, I'm Jack The Lad'. But cancer knows no bounds, it cuts everybody down to size."

Last month, Stewart revealed he and Lancaster turned to IVF after a long battle to have another child.

Stewart has fathered seven children - he had a son and a daughter with first wife Alana Hamilton, and a daughter in 1987 with Kelly Emberg.

He had two children during his marriage to Hunter and he also had a daughter in the early 1960s who was adopted.

He and Lancaster have a son, Alastair, and their new baby is due in mid-March.


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