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Storm deaths regrettable - Cameron

David Cameron has said the loss of life as a result of St Jude's storm is "hugely regrettable".

The Prime Minister said the Government is working to make sure that the emergency services are able to do as much as possible to provide assistance.

On a visit to the Mini plant in Oxford, he said: "Any injury or loss of life is hugely regrettable.

"We have to make sure the emergency services can act as fast as they can to help people."

Asked if the train companies had overreacted to the risk posed by the storm, the Prime Minister said it was important that decisions were based on the evidence.

He said: "Everyone has to act on the basis of the evidence that they are given."

But he added: "Obviously afterwards we will be able to look back and see whether people made the right decisions.

"But right now what matters is listening to the evidence, working together and getting things back to normal."

Mr Cameron insisted that the authorities had prepared as much as they could for the storm.

He said: "I got together with the different agencies to make sure that everything that could be prepared was being prepared.

"The emergency services, as ever, do a brilliant job.

"These are difficult things to handle because you don't know for certain how strong the storm will be.

"I think the Met Office provided good information and updated it regularly.

"That really is the advice to people: things will get back to normal but make sure you consult the relevant websites before you travel."


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