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Street trials rider issues new film

Scottish street trials rider Danny MacAskill, who shot to fame after publishing footage of his bike stunts online, has released a new film showing him performing tricks on giant toys.

MacAskill's Imaginate, premiered at the Ross Bandstand in Edinburgh, was billed as the biggest challenge to date for the 27-year-old.

His sponsors Red Bull gave the rider from the Isle of Skye the opportunity to devise a whole new range of tricks, using any equipment he wanted.

Inspired by his childhood, he decided to build a giant replica of his bedroom from 20 years ago where a Rubik's Cube, colourful building blocks, a toy train station and a copy of the comic book The Dandy are just some of the props used.

On the set at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow today, he said: "I thought it would be really cool to build a version of my bedroom floor and fill it with some of the obstacles I would have had in there and ride some of those things I'd dreamt about."

"It definitely is me living out my dream. It was a lot harder to put into practice than we first thought, every single prop took a lot of effort but it's turned out good in the end I think.

"The hardest thing was reining me in. I kept saying, 'we could do this, we could do that' and it was trying to decide what would be the best option. Some of the set-ups we built took hundreds of takes but they did work."

He's also created a new series of tricks using large inflatable balls which he bounces off while on his bike. The idea for this came during rehabilitation from back surgery when he used exercise balls during physiotherapy.

"There are quite a lot of tricks in Imaginate that I've never done before, things like the exercise balls. I was using them in the gym, standing on them for balance work and I wondered if I could do tricks with those and they turned out to be fun to ride and I think stands out in the film."

The premiere included a screening of the Imaginate riding film followed by a question and answer session with MacAskill before previously unseen footage and four documentary-style videos of the rider from the last two years were shown.


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