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Student 'had Blair home address'


Tony and Cherie Blair's address was found during investigation of the defendant

Tony and Cherie Blair's address was found during investigation of the defendant

Tony and Cherie Blair's address was found during investigation of the defendant

A British law student accused of planning a possible Mumbai-style terrorist attack was found with a copy of Tony and Cherie Blair's address, a court has heard.

Erol Incedal, 27, from south-east London, faces a single charge of intending to commit a terrorist act in a semi-secret retrial at the Old Bailey.

He has already been convicted of possessing a bomb-making guide at a previous trial but the jury failed to reach a verdict on whether he was preparing an attack.

Mr Justice Nicol described the format of the trial as "exceptional", with some parts heard only by selected journalists and others in private.

Defence barrister Richard Whittam QC told the jury Incedal had made online searches for the Islamic State, had researched routes to Pakistan and Yemen and made hand-written notes about disguises and cover stories between February 2012 and October 2013.

In his opening he said: "You will hear that he was actively engaged with another or others who were abroad.

"The prosecution case is that such an engagement was for an act of terrorism either against a limited number of individuals, an individual of significance or a more wide ranging and indiscriminate attack.

"For example like the one in Mumbai in 2008 when young men armed with a number of weapons including automatic rifles such as Kalashnikovs killed 164 people and wounded over 300."

He added that the charge does not necessarily mean that a precise plan or target had been arranged by Incedal.

The jury were told that Incedal was stopped by police weeks before his arrest in October 2013 when police searched his Mercedes Benz car and planted a listening device inside it.

During the search a piece of paper tucked inside a glasses cases was discovered.

"The piece of paper had an address on it. It refers to a property that is owned by Tony and Cherie Blair," Mr Whittam said.

He added that the jury must consider if the address is "significant as a potential target".

Police later overheard Incedal say "I hate white people so much "and "those pigs, I just feel like running them over" referring to police officers.

Mr Justice Nicol said it was an "exceptional" case because some of it was being heard in public, some behind closed doors with a limited number of journalists present but barred from reporting, and another section completely in secret.

On the opening day of the trial some journalists were asked to leave the court while the trial continued.

The jurors have been warned not to assume Incedal is a terrorist because he has been convicted of an offence.

Friend Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar who was also convicted of possessing an identical bomb making guide along with Incedal was not charged with intending to commit a terrorist act.

Indecal denies the charge against him.

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