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Students may strike over fees rise

A national student strike is being organised as part of continuing protests over the Government's controversial plans for a huge rise in university tuition fees, it has been revealed.

Protest leaders said at least 13 universities remained occupied following Wednesday's day of action by thousands of further education and school students.

Criticism of police tactics during trouble which flared in Westminster continued, with students complaining they had been forcibly trapped in an area close to Parliament during a "kettling" operation by the Metropolitan Police.

Two police officers and 15 people were injured during the trouble and 32 arrests were made. They were being held in custody as the clean-up operation began.

A stranded police van was ransacked and looted a short distance from the entrance to Downing Street, with buses and bus shelters also vandalised, windows broken and graffiti sprayed.

The protest followed a march in London by 50,000 students on November 10 which ended with widows being smashed in a building housing the headquarters of the Conservative party.

The Education Activist Network (EAN), which helped organise the protests across Britain, said a follow-up day of action is being planned for next Tuesday, billing it as a national student strike.

"Yesterday's incredible protests organised by school, FE and university students underlined what November 10 had already shown - there is mass, deep-seated and furious opposition to the Government's education cuts.

"The sheer number of walkouts, protests and marches yesterday, from the smallest school to most of Britain's major cities were too numerous for the media to count," said a spokesman.

"In London, the heavy-handed brutality of the police force denied thousands the right to protest. Police saw fit to kettle students as young as 14 for hours on end in the cold."


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