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Sturgeon and Foster suit tweet lands Sky News journalist with dressing down

By David Young

Men need to be very careful about passing remarks on women's clothing - as Northern Ireland Sky correspondent David Blevins learned this week.

He walked into a social media storm after tweeting a picture showing Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster and UTV journalist Tracey Magee wearing similar jackets.

But Scots First Minister Sturgeon issued a cutting response, juxtaposing a picture of Mr Blevins with one of Irish Labour Minister Aodhan O Riordain both wearing indistinguishable standard-issue dark business suits and writing: "Oh no, male journalist and male politician wear same suit!! :-)."

And UTV's Tracey Magee wrote: "We got sharp suits, sharp minds and even sharper tongues. You're in trouble, David Blevins."

Belfast Telegraph journalist Yvette Shapiro, who also owns the dressy jacket, tweeted: "Bit hurt that you left me out. #suitgate."

She also revealed that the suit came from Hobbs, one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite shops.

"If it's good enough for the First Ministers of Scotland and NI, it's good enough for me," Yvette wrote.

David said of Nicola's Sturgeon's putdown: "It was an excellent retort - a superb rebuff. It's taught me a lot, especially about the power of social media.

"Nicola Sturgeon I can deal with, it's Arlene Foster that I'm worried about.

"I won't be offering any more opinions on women's clothes in a hurry. My days as a fashion journalist are now officially over."

Thankfully for David, there were no lasting hard feelings over the light-hearted social media spat, as Scottish First Minister Sturgeon made clear when she tweeted: "Thanks for a good-natured exchange".

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