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Supermarket price wars will reduce Christmas dinner bill


Christmas dinner need not cost the Earth

Christmas dinner need not cost the Earth

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Christmas dinner need not cost the Earth

Christmas dinner is set to cost less than last year thanks to the rise of the discounters, bringing some welcome news for consumers bracing themselves for the expense of the festive season.

Good Housekeeping said it would be possible to provide the festive feast for just £2.66 per guest by shopping around.

It said the drop in cost was a direct result of the battle between the discounters and the traditional supermarkets pulling prices down for all consumers.

The magazine's sixth annual survey found the cheapest Christmas basket is down 3% on last year.

It found that all the ingredients to feed eight on Christmas Day could cost as little as £21.31, the third cheapest basket since the survey began in 2009.

A like-for-like comparison across all 10 leading supermarkets found Iceland was the cheapest, with dinner for eight people costing £27.84, including fresh vegetables. Last year's winner Lidl came second at £28.13.

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