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Surespot 'becoming key tool for IS'

Encrypted messenger apps are becoming a powerful communication tool for Islamic State (IS) militants and their supporters, it has been claimed.

A Channel 4 News investigation claims at least 115 IS-linked people appear to have used the popular app Surespot in the past six months.

The programme, which looked at discussion of Surespot accounts on Twitter, believes the attraction may be it functions like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger but with very high levels of security.

It comes as police and security agencies need to maintain an ability to intercept telecommunications data as this is a critical tool in interrupting domestic terror plots and monitoring suspects abroad.

Channel 4 News said it found IS-linked accounts which admit online to using the apps when attempting to fundraise for terrorism, discussing the best methods to join IS and to pose questions.

It points to one user who wrote: "If you want 2 ask questions about Islam, Hijrah [emigration], Jihad or Shaam [Syria]; Ask me on Surespot."

Surespot did not reply to requests to comment from Channel 4 News, but previously the company has said "any technology has the potential for abuse by nefarious individuals".


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