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Suspended jail term for disorderly behaviour

'You are a k**b and you will get a bullet in the back of the head'

By Eamonn MacDermott

A 24-year-old man who told police “wait until you see what we do to Strand Road next time”, in a reference to a dissident republican bomb at the Londonderry police station, has received a suspended sentence at Limavady Magistrates Court.

Thomas Kelly, of Northland Road in Derry, admitted a charge of disorderly behaviour on November 22 last year.

The court was told that Kelly was observed outside Limavady police station.

Officers went to speak to him and he became abusive, calling them RUC/PSNI scum.

He demanded a lift to Derry and was told to get a taxi.

Kelly then became aggressive and threatened to fight, and then made his remarks about the Strand Road station.

He then told an officer. “You are a k**b and you will get a bullet in the back of the head.”

Kelly then left, but over the next few hours police received 999 calls from him threatening to kill himself unless he was given a lift to Derry.

Later he phoned police to say he had taken a wrong turning and was lost. Police went to him and saw that he had calmed down and gave him a lift to Derry.

Defence solicitor George Copeland said his client wished to apologise for his remarks.

Deputy District Judge Austin Kennedy said that Kelly was building up quite a record for himself.

He sentenced him to two months in prison, suspended for two years.

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