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Tag trial man jailed for burglaries

A repeat offender has been jailed for two years after a satellite-linked ankle tag placed him at the scene of seven burglaries.

Aron Thompson, 26, committed the break-ins within weeks of being freed from prison in November last year despite being fitted with a tag under a Ministry of Justice trial.

West Midlands Police said Thompson agreed to wear the tag, which can pinpoint its wearer's position to within 10 metres, rather than report regularly to police stations and undergo a night-time curfew.

Thompson , of Geraldine Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham, was jailed at the city's Crown Court last week after admitting seven counts of burglary.

Commenting on the case, Chief Inspector Tracey Packham, who oversaw the tagging pilot, said: "The tag supports offenders who are serious about quitting crime and allows them to rebuild their life without the need to report to police stations or have the inconvenience of police officers knocking at their door late at night to check they're complying with curfews.

"But, as Thompson has found to his cost, it also affords irrefutable evidence should offenders slip back into old habits."


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