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Take Scottish independence vote off table, Ruth Davidson tells Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland’s Tories won 13 seats in the General Election.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has called on Nicola Sturgeon to take a second independence referendum “off the table”, branding the demand “a massive political miscalculation”.

The SNP was down 21 seats after the General Election while Ms Davidson saw her party deliver its best result in Scotland for three decades by winning 13 seats.

The performance contrasted with the wider UK picture, which saw Theresa May fail to secure a Conservative majority.

Ms Davidson spoke out in support of Mrs May as she seeks to form a government with help from the DUP.

However, the Scottish Tory leader conceded the Prime Minister had not been given the mandate she sought.

She added that the UK Government must now listen to those who did not vote Tory and should now pursue “an open Brexit, not a closed one”.

Ms Davidson said: “SNP MPs who last night lost their seats have paid the price for what was a massive political miscalculation on Nicola Sturgeon’s part.

Ruth Davidson said a second referendum would be a 'massive political miscalculation' (Jane Barlow/PA)

“This morning, we have heard SNP figures acknowledge that the referendum demands were behind its bad result.

“We have heard the First Minister say she will ‘reflect’ on the matter. I’m afraid that’s not enough.”

She added: “Nobody will condemn the First Minister if she now decides to re-set her course.

“This is her opportunity to do so – and I urge her to take it immediately. She must take it off the table.”

While Ms Davidson congratulated newly-elected Tory MPs in Scotland, she said the UK-wide result “fell short of expectations”.

“Labour’s plan for more spending and more borrowing may be illusory but there’s little doubt it has struck a chord,” she said.

“But just as the SNP must listen to the result on the independence referendum, we also have to listen to voters who did not give the UK Conservative Party the mandate we sought.

“It is incumbent on us to listen to other parties in Parliament, and people outside it, about the best way forward.

“It is the policy of both the Conservative Party and the UK Labour Party to respect the Brexit referendum result.”

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