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Taser 'had no effect' on Raoul Moat

The police officers who fired Tasers at cornered killer Raoul Moat have said that one missed and the other had no effect.

The wanted murderer told police negotiators "this is all going to end in this field tonight", the inquest jury at Newcastle Crown Court also heard.

Two West Yorkshire Police firearms officers - identified in court as Zulu 24 and Victor 24 - used experimental X12 shotgun Tasers on Moat after he appeared to prepare to kill himself in a grassy area by the River Coquet in Rothbury, Northumberland.

A huge manhunt had been launched in July 2010 after Moat shot his ex-girlfriend Sam Stobbart, murdered her new boyfriend Chris Brown, 29, and later blinded Pc David Rathband.

During the stand-off, negotiators developed a good rapport with Moat, Zulu 24 said. But the tone of negotiations became "sinister", and the officer said: "Moat went on to say he didn't want to be a drain on society, that he didn't want to go to jail, and one particular thing he did say was it was all going to end in this field tonight."

Moat shuffled his feet, and in a swift movement brought the gun from under his chin and pointed it at his temple, the officer said.

"I thought he was going to shoot himself," Zulu 24 said.

The officer, who was aiming a Taser at Moat's chest, fired. He said: "Moat let out a noise as if he had been struck by something. He has then rocked back slowly and then discharged the shotgun. I was aware my round had struck him. I don't think it had any effect."

Victor 24 realised his colleague's Taser had not incapacitated Moat, so he fired his X12 but it missed. The cartridge was later recovered from the river.

Almost immediately after he fired, there was a "muffled bang" from Moat's direction, he told the inquest. The killer went limp and fell backwards into weeds.


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