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Teacher wins payout for having to raise voice in class

A teacher who suffered permanent damage after being forced to raise her voice to be heard in class has been awarded a six-figure payout, it was disclosed yesterday.

English teacher Joyce Walters developed nodules on her vocal chords which she said were caused by having to speak loudly over noise outside her classroom at Harlington Adult Education Centre, in Hillingdon, north west London.

After the nodules were discovered through surgery, Mrs Walters underwent months of speech therapy, but said she could still only speak for a short period before her throat became sore and her voice became hoarse.

The 50-year-old mother-of-two has received more than £150,000 (€173,900) through two out of court settlements agreed with her employers, Hillingdon Council. It is thought to be one of the biggest payouts received by a teacher.

Mrs Walters said: "Teaching was my calling, I adored the classroom and miss it so much, but the problems with my voice make it impossible for me to ever go back.

"I even have to think twice about day-to-day things, like speaking on the phone . . . as my voice is not strong enough to maintain a conversation."

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