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Tearful Lotto winner plans more IVF

A supermarket worker has broken down in tears as she told how a lottery win will help fund IVF treatment and give her "the family she has dreamed of".

Emma Allen, 32, was one of 16 jackpot winners who all work at an Asda store in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

The lucky syndicate shared Saturday's jackpot of £6,873,588 - taking home more than £430,000 each.

All the winners gathered at the store where they shared their spending plans - with new homes, dream holidays and even a boob job on the cards.

Mrs Allen, who works in the Asda Extra department, said two courses of NHS IVF treatment had been unsuccessful and she was facing a £5,000 bill for further attempts.

She said: "This money means I can carry on with the IVF and have unlimited treatments. It will give me the family I have dreamed of. It's a happy ending."

Other winners spoke about their plans to buy new homes and one syndicate member, who chose not to have publicity, is planning breast enhancement surgery.

Syndicate leader Debra Wilson, 50, who formed the group in January 2010, said the first thing she plans to buy is a new car to replace the "old banger" she has had for "years and years".

"We have had a few wins so far and had won about £300 this year, which is great, but this is unbelievable," she said.

Mrs Wilson, a customer services adviser, added: "At first I thought I must have the wrong ticket or the wrong week's numbers. It was good coming into work today and seeing everyone. You need to be with friends in times like this, you need to talk about it."


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