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Teddy bears turned inside out are the stuff of nightmares: Artist's work turns cuddly into terrifying

By Christopher Hooton

A hitherto unknown duality to teddy bears has been exposed: on the outside they're pretty cute, on the inside they're terrifying.

Brooklyn-based artist Kent Rogowski ripped apart, turned inside out and re-stitched together 36 bears as part of an art project called, accurately, 'Bears'.

Some still have a charm about them, full of seams and billowing cotton stuffing, while others are fully nightmarish, all misshapen and lopsided and pin-eyed.

Worst are the ones with electrical wiring on the inside, which look like they're in the midst of some surrealist surgical procedure.

Rogowski has shown off his bears in galleries across the world, and if they're your cup of horrifying tea you can buy some limited edition prints of them on his website.

He has also used other mass-produced consumer products like self-help books and jigsaws to create art and produced snowglobes of hollow scenes like a man dressing for work.

Take a look at Kent Rogowski's entire work by clicking here.

Source: Independent

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