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Teen inmates Colditz-style Preston escape bid fanciful

Two 18-year-olds serving sentences at Preston Prison were each given a two month sentence for trying to escape by kicking in a wall and digging at the concrete with a drawer runner a court heard.

Jordan Morgan who was jailed for an arson attack on an animal sanctuary which killed 26 animals and his cellmate David Crossfield who was remanded for burglary dug their way through a wall for 24 hours before giving up on their ‘fanciful’ break out the court was told.

The pair decided to inform prison officers of their attempt which saw the prosecution service reduce their charge from 'attempting a criminal to escape' to a criminal damage charge.

Prosecutor Salvia Dacre said: “When possible pleas were considered, it was decided that in reality they may have had some rather Colditz-inspired notion of escape, but in reality this was so fanciful it was really not a realistic attempt.”

Preston Crown Court Judge Andrew Long repsonded: “It looks a bit Colditz doesn’t it?”

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