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Teenage girl rescued from pond mud

A teenager had to be pulled free from chest-high mud by firefighters after she got stuck while walking across a dried-out pond, a senior officer said.

The 17-year-old had been trapped for more than an hour by the time her two male friends raised the alarm and rescuers made a two-and-a-quarter mile trek over rugged terrain to reach her.

The dramatic rescue near Tudhoe in County Durham, which saw retained firefighters from Spennymoor trek through woods wearing their heavy kit, took place at around 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Firefighters Andrew Spence and Billy McAloon used tree roots to secure themselves while they gently rocked the girl backwards and forwards to free her from the mud.

Crew manager Mr Spence said: "It was a mixture between potter's clay and thick, glue-type mud.

"She was getting a bit flustered and, as she moved about, she was sinking further in."

After she was pulled free, she was walked to the fire engine where a low pressure hose was used to wash her clean so paramedics could check her over.

Mr Spence said: "It will have been terrifying for her. She had two friends with her and they were covered in mud from trying to get her out."

He recommended walkers to use a stick when walking through dried-out areas to check for mud.

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