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Temperatures continue to soar as sunshine bathes Britain

Forecasters say Sunday could be the hottest day of the year so far.

Britain has basked in another day of hot weather – and more sunshine is on the way.

Temperatures reached 31.5C (88.7F) in Charlwood, Surrey, East Malling in Kent and Heathrow Airport on Saturday.

The current spell of good weather has now lasted for about two weeks, and there is a chance Sunday will be the hottest day of the year so far.

Porthmadog in Wales is the current record holder, reaching 33C (91.4F) exactly on June 28.

But the heat is causing problems for water companies, which are urging customers to curb their use to prevent potential hosepipe bans.

United Utilities – which serves the North West – said it “urgently needed help and support” to avoid a ban, while a hosepipe ban is into its second week in Northern Ireland.

People enjoy the sunshine on Brighton beach as the warm weather continues across the country (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Met Office spokeswoman Sophie Yeomans said on Saturday: “Overnight is going to be another warm night, similar to last night.

“Tomorrow will be a hot and sunny day for most places.

“There is a chance of seeing 33C tomorrow and another one in the race for the hottest day of the year.”

Next week, a colder front will come into Scotland and move south across the country, causing temperatures to drop to the low 20s in the east and north east.

“It will start to cool off, today and tomorrow will be the peak of the high temperatures,” Ms Yeomans added.

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