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Terminally ill veteran denied NHS assistance

By Rod Minchin

A terminally ill Second World War serviceman who spent a year in a prisoner of war camp has been denied NHS nursing care because he is “not ill enough”.

Former RAF Sergeant Bernard Warren (86) was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, liver and lungs two weeks ago and given two months to live.

His wife Tricia (69) has nursed him at home for six years, but is now unable to cope with his failing health.

She turned for help from her local NHS trust and asked if her husband could be moved into a nursing home to live out his final days.

But officials said his condition did not “tick enough boxes” and refused to fund the £3,500-a-month care package.

Mr Warren's son Simon (37) told the Evening Post: “They told us there was just not enough ticks in the boxes. He is not classed as being ill enough. My dad's dying. He fought for his country and was a prisoner of war and never asked for a penny.

“Where is the justice, where is the reward? I think it is really unfair and so many people must be in the same boat.”

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