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Tesco's checkouts go sweet-free

By Josie Clarke

Tesco has removed sweets and chocolate from all of its checkouts to reduce pester power and help families choose healthier food.

The supermarket removed confectionery from larger stores 20 years ago but the changes that take effect today will apply to all stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including around 2,000 smaller Metro and Express outlets.

A spokesman said confectionery would also be removed from areas adjacent to the tills - for example, racks of sweets at children's eye level next to checkout queues.

The retailer said it had replaced the confectionery with healthier snacks including dried fruit, nuts and cereal bars, and every food item on the checkout would be one of the 'five a day', have no red traffic light ratings, be in calorie-controlled snack packs or be deemed by the Department of Health to be a "healthier snack".

It follows research based on Tesco Club Card data that found families with young children have, on average, the least healthy shopping baskets, while pensioners and older adults are the healthiest shoppers.

An earlier study by the grocer found nearly two-thirds (65%) of customers said removing confectionery from checkouts would help them make healthier choices.

Tesco's managing director of health and wellness, David Wood, said: "We hope this will make our customers' lives easier, as taking sweets and chocolates off the checkouts will really help parents with young children."

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