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The best video apps to stay in touch while social distancing

Technology can enable friends and family to come together during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Zoom has seen an increase in popularity during the outbreak (Zoom)

Zoom has seen an increase in popularity during the outbreak (Zoom)

Zoom has seen an increase in popularity during the outbreak (Zoom)

As millions face more time inside as part of self-isolation and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are turning to video-calling apps to stay in touch.

Here is a look at some of the best apps for getting in contact with friends and family when you cannot be in the same room.


A video-conferencing app which has risen to prominence during the coronavirus outbreak.

With a free version that supports up to 100 participants in a video-call with a 40-minute time limit, the app has quickly become a way not only for workers to stay in contact, but for families and even the largest social groups to gather virtually.

It can be used for free on PC.


A social network combined with group video-calling, Houseparty allows users to play games with friends on video-chats, as well as share their screen as they would if sending a screenshot on a messaging app.

The new app can also alert you when contacts come online so organising socialising is a much smoother process.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android.

Google Hangouts

Very good for getting a video-chat off the ground quickly, Hangouts is linked to your Google account, so if you’re an Android or Gmail user, it’s likely a lot of your contacts will be quickly accessible for free video-calls.

It can be used on PC, iOS and Android.


The original video-calling platform, Skype will be the best option for many as even the less technology-savvy members of the family are likely to have an account.

Voice and video-call options are available, as is an instant messaging feature.

Skype is accessible from PC as well as on both iOS and Android mobile devices.