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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge feed some babies with jumbo appetites

By Tony Jones

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have played mother and father to a group of orphaned baby elephants and rhinos during a tour of one of the world's most important wildlife parks.

Armed with large bottles of milk, William and Kate fed the hungry animals who were impatient to get their meal and bellowed when they first saw rangers approaching with the flasks.

The Duke and Duchess were visiting Kaziranga National Park, home to elephants, water buffalo, the endangered swamp deer, tigers and two-thirds of the world's population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses.

The park in the state of Assam in the north east of India is a unique mix of grasslands, wetlands and forest. It measures more than 800,000 square kilometres and is designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Earlier the royals had a two-hour jeep safari into the heart of Kaziranga, and gave a rhino a wide birth when they found it blocking their path.

They joked with village elders during a visit to a community in the park that two-year-old Prince George was "too naughty" to bring to India and would be running around.

Kate also said that seeing the local children, especially the young girl dancers, had reminded her how much she missed her own daughter Princess Charlotte, who is one next month. William, who is a passionate conservationist, and Kate were introduced to the young animals at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC).

It provides emergency care and rehabilitation for wild animals that have been injured, displaced or orphaned.

William and Kate fed all the animals in turn, crouching over the tiniest of the group - two female elephants and a rhino - to make sure they got every drop of milk, and also turning their attention to the older. ones"

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