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The only way is Essex, jokes bishop

The Queen has celebrated the centenary of the diocese of Chelmsford and was told by its bishop - the only way is Essex.

The Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell joked about the reality show famed for its nightclub-loving stars as he listed the qualities of his district.

At a special service celebrating 100 years of the diocese, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh joined a congregation at Chelmsford's cathedral church of St Mary the Virgin, St Peter and St Cedd.

Hundreds gathered around the place of worship to welcome the royal couple whose arrival was proclaimed by a town crier.

During his address the Bishop of Chelmsford told those gathered: "The Diocese of Chelmsford is one hundred years old this year."

He added: "Created to solve the pressing challenge of massive population growth and urbanisation in east London we are, as one experienced priest put it: 'the most complicated and diverse diocese in the English Church'.

"We serve the most rural, the most urban, the most coastal, and I wish to add, the most glorious diocese in the Church of England. You name it; here in the Diocese of Chelmsford, we've got it. "

Yes, you could even say, the only way is Essex, but I want to tell you about a better way and its roots in this old county - the way of Jesus Christ."


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