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Theresa May begins final election campaign push

Prime Minister revealed her Saturday job as a schoolgirl was in a bakery, but she was unable to identify a Chorley cake in Lancashire.

Theresa May revealed her Saturday job as a schoolgirl was in a bakery as she stopped off to meet bakers in Lancashire at the start of a blitz in the final days of campaigning.

But despite the teenage stint in the world of baked goods, the Prime Minister was unable to identify a Chorley cake, a regional speciality.

Mrs May is visiting North Wales, the south west and south east over the course of the day.

Prime Minister Theresa May chats with customers after making a visit to Scotch bakery in Fleetwood, Lancashire (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

As she chatted to Conservative supporters at Scotch Bakery in Fleetwood, Mrs May said: “My Saturday job at school was in a bakery.”

“I’ve learnt something today,” she added. “I’d never heard of Chorley cake before.”

One supporter told the Prime Minister one of his “biggest worries” was about the impact of Brexit on exports and the food industry.

Mrs May said: “We make fantastic products here and the opportunity is now to really go out there and sell those and be a bit bold and brash about how good we are.”


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