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Theresa May: Collaboration with smaller parties could put Jeremy Corbyn in power

Nationalists are "propping up" Labour in Wales in a deal that shows how "collaboration" between smaller parties could put Jeremy Corbyn into power, Theresa May has claimed.

Ahead of a visit to Wales, the Prime Minister said taxes will rise, jobs will be cut and debt will spiral if the Opposition reaches agreements with other groups.

Underlining warnings about the impact of a "coalition of chaos", she insisted the parties "remain determined to disrupt the result" of the EU referendum.

Mr Corbyn has insisted there will be "no deals with the SNP or anybody else" as he sought to stamp out Tory warnings of a possible coalition pact.

But Mrs May will point to the less formal agreement in Wales that saw Labour's Carwyn Jones re-elected as First Minister after Plaid Cymru agreed to back the formation of a minority Labour Welsh government without entering into a partnership.

Mrs May will chair a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning before travelling to Wales, where she will speak at a rally and visit a business.

In an article for the Western Mail, she said: "This election is not about the kind of tribal politics that has held sway in Wales and elsewhere for many years. It is not about calling in old favours or relying on past allegiance. It is about the future.

"It is an opportunity to provide this United Kingdom with the strong and stable leadership it needs to see us through Brexit and beyond.

"Yet our Labour, Lib Dem and Nationalist opponents - Plaid Cymru here in Wales and Nicola Sturgeon's SNP in Scotland - are already seeking to disrupt our negotiations, even as 27 other European countries line up to oppose us," she added.

"That approach can only mean one thing - uncertainty and instability, bringing grave risk to our growing economy with higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt."

It comes as polling suggests the Labour Party faces a General Election meltdown in Wales while the Tories are on course to win the majority of parliamentary seats.

YouGov polling in Wales for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre found the Conservatives had a 10% lead on Labour and were predicted to finish with 21 seats.

Mrs May said the EU referendum had been a "quiet revolution" by disillusioned voters and had been "particularly profound" in Wales.

She added: "Every vote I receive will help me secure the best deal to strengthen our economy. Every vote I receive will be a vote to give me the mandate to deliver for Britain.

"Ten months after voters across Wales helped to start this journey, Labour in Wales - and their partners in Plaid Cymru - remain determined to disrupt the result.

"So your vote on June 8 really matters to the future of our country. It's a choice between strong and stable leadership in the national interest, or Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street at the head of a coalition of chaos."


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