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Theresa May’s future: What the papers say

The Telegraph said the longer Mrs May stayed as leader the ‘greater the contamination’ of the Tory party brand.

Newspapers (Lewis Stickley/PA)
Newspapers (Lewis Stickley/PA)

Theresa May has been urged to quit as Prime Minister “as soon as humanly possible” by one of the most influential newspapers among Conservative voters.

In an editorial, The Telegraph said the longer Mrs May stayed as leader the “greater the contamination” of the Tory party brand.

It warned that unless the Conservatives “drop Mrs May fast and distance themselves as far from her policies as possible, it increasingly seems possible that the centre-Right coalition in Britain will be fractured for years to come”.

The paper said the events were not just a “personal tragedy” for the PM or a “psychodrama” for the Tories, but amount to a “national emergency”.

“The world doesn’t know if Britain is leaving the EU. Problems that require real energy – such as the future of British Steel – are sidelined,” it opined.

“The argument for markets and individual liberty is not being made, which means the Left is winning the debate by default. Therefore, either Mrs May must go as soon as humanly possible or the Conservative Party must finally remove her.

“If any other Cabinet member feels they cannot serve with her, the next step is obvious: resign. The country needs courage. It has had quite enough of the worst being stubborn and the best being timid.”



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