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Time pressure hits parent homework

Almost three in five parents spend less than 10 minutes a day helping their children with homework, a survey claims.

The poll found that the pressures of work and running a household leave many parents with little time to spend on learning with their child.

In some cases, time pressures mean today's parents spend less time helping their son or daughter than their parents did with than them.

The mytutor survey questioned 10 to 12-year-olds and their parents about time spent learning together.

In total, 58.5% of parents said they spent up to an hour a week helping with homework, or playing educational games with their child - the equivalent of less than 10 minutes a day.

Just 8% reported spending five or more hours a week helping their child. A third (34.7%) of parents said they found it difficult to spend time supporting their child's learning, while 65.3% said they did not find it hard.

Nearly two-thirds (63.69%) said lack of time due to work limited their ability to spend time learning with their child, while 48.13% cited cooking, cleaning and running the household.

Other factors that limit time for learning included looking after other children, and lack of confidence in their own maths and English abilities.

The survey also found that 39.2% of parents said their own parents spent far more, or a little more time learning with them than they do with their child.

The survey questioned 1,000 10-12-year-olds and their parents in December.


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